Kitchen Appliance

Built-in Cook Top 

Hwansung has chosen a cooker of new generation
for your convenience, time-saving and health

- Built-in & space saving
- Longer lasting ceramic glass top
- No toxic gas emission
- 3 steps of temperature control
- Fastest heating to target temperature
- Energy efficient

Certified sterilization function

92%~99.9% of the 5 tested germ types
were sterilized during 90 min operation..

Dish Drier & Sterilizer

Hwansung has introduced a new kitchen appliance for the African
women who are more concerning the hygiene of their tableware.

- Heated air circulation Drying
- Clear tempered glass
- Drying run-time selection
(15min/30min/45min/60min) by one-touch button
- Reservation function(4Hour/8Hour)
- Adoptable to any kitchen unit
- Excellent sterilization by Ultraviolet ray

Range Hood

Hwansung has been selective to recommend outstanding models of range hood to customers who want to keep the kitchen environment fresh and neat

-Easily operable mechanical switch
-Soft Halogen lighting 
-silent operation sound of less than 65 db
-powerful motor of 198W
-Optional charcoal filter for air-recirculation 

Chacoal Filter Free Kitchen

With Hwansung Range Hood System, a neat and clean environment is no option.