Hwansung Medical Services was established in April 2007 as a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization to provide charitable medical services to needy patients in East Africa suffering from Heart Disease, Cataract, Cleft Lip and some other major illnesses. It was to realize the business philosophy from the founder of Hwansung Group of Companies to respond to the social responsibility and call as the investors having run the business in Africa.

Mr. Sung-Hwan kim, the founder and chairman of Hwansung Group of Companies, made in roads into Africa in 1980 with starting his business as foreigner and is moving towards a success against all the odds. He has always kept his unchangeable philosophy of life and business to make a significant social contribution of Africa by giving back his business profits to the society and is doing utmost efforts to succeed in his business so that he can accumulate the fund enough to make the social contribution

The Charity started the medical charity services with the fund of €1,000,000 (One Milion Euro) and the monthly contribution of about U$10,000 from the chairman, and so far has fully sponsored more than 20 cases of charitable heart surgeries at the yearly average and helped many other poor patients suffering from Cataract, Cleft Lip, cancer and some other bad illness etc.The charity is going to help the poor sufferers continuously in the future and hope that the beneficiaries should be as many sufferers as possible.

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