Hwansung Makes a Difference


Hwansung Ltd started its business by manufacturing bags and aluminium kitchenware in Kampala,1986. From 1991 we have entered an export business processing the ‘Nile Perch’,a family of latidae inhabiting in Lake Victoria. 

We have grown to the leader of the industry and contributed the development of Ugandan economy, winning the biggest exporter to European countries through hygienic facility and uncompromising quality control. 

In 2000’s we have stopped the fish processing business caused by the diminishing natural resources. Now we are preparing another business which will tune the dynamism of economy in East Africa.

Fish Delicacy 

With a variety of fish from lake victoria, a number of delicacy are made.
Hwansung Fish factory was dedicated to promote the local fish industry by providng an opportunity to local fisharies.

Hwansung Industries Ltd. Plot M/243, Ntinda Industrial Area P.O.BOX 7628, Kampala-Uganda
Tel  +256 414 344 225 Mob +256 392 789 137/8/9