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The internal war for about 20 years in Sudan was one of the longest running conflicts in Africa that had took away a lot of lives, destroyed the infrastructure of the country, eroded its economic resources and caused suffering to the people in the Sudan. The Government of the Republic of the Sudan (GOS) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/A) concluded the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in year 2005 that put an end to the war.

According to the Peace Agreement, at the end of 6 year Interim Period there shall be an internationally monitored referendum organized jointly by the GOS and the SPLM/A, for the people of South Sudan; to stay as an autonomous regional government, or to vote for secession. On Jan 2011, the people of South Sudan have voted for the independence from Sudan and July 2011 they have declared a new born nation named ‘The Republic of South Sudan’.

We have been convinced about a great emerging potential in the field of construction and the development of natural resources in consideration of current situation in South Sudan. South Sudan needs to rehabilitate and reconstruct/construct the social and physical infrastructure and the underground natural resources are abundant in her territory for the country’s income.

So, we have decided to invest for the post-war rehabilitation of South Sudan and have established an affiliate named ‘Hwansung (S) LTD in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. We have set up an office building, showrooms, factory and warehouse buildings on the 21,000 square meter compound at the heavy industrial area in Juba. On July 2013 We opened a ‘Furniture and Aluminium Products Showroom’ inside the compound and plan to introduce machinery for construction and furnishing.

Seeing is believing, why don’t you visit Hwansung Juba showroom?

Hwansung Juba showroom introduces selective Flush Doors, Kitchens and Aluminum Fixture to the customers in South Sudan. In Juba showroom, customers can find the same quality and design as in Kampala showroom and request site measurements or direct delivery from Kampala.

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 ADDRESS: Plot No. 3A BK II Heavy Industrial Area, Juba S Sudan

   TELEPHONE: +211 9571 08781,
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