Introducing Hwansung Foam Plates

Hwansung industries limited is the first and only manufacturer of polystyrene foam plates in Uganda. We officially launched our products (POLYSTYRENE FOAM PLATE) on 14/ FEB / 2020. We started manufacturing foam plates in order to meet the demands of the packaging industry in Uganda and East Africa. Our products satisfy the standards of Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and fully certified.

Our products have high insulation value, clean surface, flexibility, Affordable price and always available in stock. We not only supply our products to the domestic market in Uganda but also export to Kenya and plan to expand to other countries soon.​   

We have a variety of sizes, some of them are both in white and black color in order to meet the different tastes and preference of our customers.   

All Shades available

At Hwansung we have you covered when it comes to variety in shades of foam plates. Currently we can deliver in black and white, in all sizes.

Self covered Designs

With this design, there is no need for silver plates, since you have a cover attached to the container. This protects your food as its anti spill. 

Lunch Box Designs

With our lunch box Design get to carry a variet of dishes, with out fear of them getting mixed during trasnportation. Its made of thick foam to preserve its content.

Introducing Hwansung foam Plate products

Foam plate can be used in a variety of applications, but most importantly the fast food industries. Select from a variety

Food on the Go...

With its locking mechanism, you can pack any dish with out fear of spilling.

Saving time at food hubs...

Get your favourite meal packed with out fear of steel deposits that may be a result of using silver plates.

State of the Art Machinery

All available at Hwansung Industries, hence giving us a lead when it comes to delivery of orders from our esteemed customers.